Dive Sites



(1) Hanging Rope

Depth :25 m / 82 ft
Class of dive :Novice - Advanced
Summary of dive site :Due to the entry and exit points, this site is a good location for both novice and experienced divers alike. The entry is into 5-m/16 ft of crystal clear water. There are all kinds of small fish in the area, which also is the final resting place of those amphoras, which, for reasons unknown, did not reach their destinations all those thousands of years ago.

(2) Amphora

Depth : 30 m / 100 ft.
Class of dive : Intermediate - Advanced.
Summary of dive site : One of the oldest amphora sites around this part of Turkey dates back to the Roman Period, approx. 300 B.C. The entry for both options is into 4 m / 12 ft. water and slopes very steeply down to 60 m / 200 ft. There are two big rock formations that are home to many varieties of marine life, including moray eels, crayfish, clownfish, fork tails, octopus, sea aubergine, sponges, groupers and white groupers.

(3) Şahin Burnu

Depth :15 m / 50 ft.
Class of dive :Intermediate - experienced
Summary of dive site :This dive is performed at the depth of 9-12m /27-36 ft and it will gives you both great pleasure and along time underwater. You will see, touch, and play with sponges, 3000 year old amphoras, sea spiders, starfishes, octopuses, squids and many different types of fish.

(4) Aquarium

Depth :1 m / 3 ft.
Class of Dive :Beginners
Summary of dive site :This area is like a lagoon, which is home to some beautiful orange sponges, sandfish, damselfish, combers, red mullet, clownfish, black eyes, giant groupers and octopus. Most of the fish are used to our divers and will feed from your hand.

(5) Aquarium Reef

Depth :25 m / 82 ft.
Class of Dive :Experienced
Summary of dive site :An interesting dive with some nice drop offs along the reef. At around 20 - 25 m / 60 - 75 ft. there are some nice groupers that stay in the area,also you can sea scorpion fish under the rocks. Morays are also a common sighting during the dive, especially along the reef.

(6) Sarıyarlar

Depth : 12 m / 30 m - 40 ft / 100 ft.
Class of dive : Experienced
Summary of dive site :First drop off and than tunnels. The first of eight tunnels is at 30 m / 100 ft. where you enter. In every archway or tunnel you can see the light of the exit point and with the longest tunnel being only 4 m /13 ft. in length there is no need for guide lines and there is plenty of natural light. There is also a cavern where you can see shrimps. For this dive lights are recommended to see into smaller homes and hiding places for many species of sea life including red mullet, damselfish, shrimp, sea cucumbers, brittle stars and many types of sea anemones.

(7) Dalyan Koyu

Depth :15 m / 50 ft.
Class of dive :Novice to experienced
Summary of dive site :Our favourite bay and an abundance of marine life in shallow waters. It is a favourite for courses, checkouts and experienced divers alike. In this small bay live octopus, large groupers, rainbow wrasse, damselfish, fork tails, red mullets, cuttlefish, clown fish, parrotfish and cardinal fish. Most of the fish are used to our divers and will feed from your hand.

(8) Dalyan River and Small Reef

Depth : 1 m / 30 m. - 3 ft / 100 ft.
Class of dive : Novice to experienced
Summary of dive site :One of the best dive location for beginners, you might see colourful fish, sea slugs, sponges, octopus. Photographs can be taken while you are feeding the fish.
As you reach 32m the gate of tunnel welcomes you with dim lights. Only two divers can get in to the tunnel at a time because of the narrow pass with coral all along the wall. When you exit from the first tunnel which is 13 m length, you come to the second tunnel at 25m depth. The length of the second tunnel is just 7 m. The third tunnel is wider and larger than the second one.After completing the visits to the last tunnel you will ascend to 12 m. then reach the boat ending the dive.

(9) Big Reef

Depth : 25 m / 82 ft.
Class of dive :Experienced
Summary of dive site :A short distance from Dalyan Key lies the start of the reef in about 10 m / 33 ft. of water. The descent takes you to explore many types of fish and marine life. The reef is a small underwater hill that drops off to 60 m / 200 ft. on the wall side. A spectacular view. Fascinating area for experience.

(10) Cavern Drop Off

Depth : 20 m / 66 ft
Class of dive :Experienced
Summary of dive site :A great dive with some breath-taking drop offs and colours. Near the entry point of the dive there is a small cavern at 6 m / 20 ft. which is home to some beautiful coloured strawberry anemones, daisy anemones and devonshire cup coral. The most amazing drop off looks into 40 m / 155 ft. of seabed where large groupers dwell on the bottom Most probably you will end the dive on the most colourful wall in the Aegean Sea, the drama of soft corals, anemones, sea warms, sponges and schools of fish throughout.

(11) Coral Cavern and Turkish Bath

Depth : 25 m / 40 m - 82 ft / 131 ft.
Class of dive : Advanced only
Summary of dive site : It is definitely the best dive site in all our diving area. The wall presents us the fascinating colours of the marine world. It would be a great adventure for photographers to experience this dive. Trumpet anemones, gem anemones, daisy strawberry, soft coral, anemones, lettuce coral, sea aubergine and many forms of lace corals are the permanent inhabitants of the site.

(12) Pyramid Hole

Depth : 30 m / 100 ft
Class of dive :Experienced only
Summary of dive site :Pleasant descent down steep slope to bottom and around into the hole. The colours under the natural light through the hole are amazing. A dive light is essential to fully enjoy this colour exhibition that people have a chance to explore. Due to the undisturbed habitat there are many large groupers that frequent the area swimming among the prominent sponges scattered around.

(13) Shrimp Hole

Depth :28 m / 92 ft.
Class of dive :Experienced
Summary of dive site :The hole is at 26 m / 86 ft. and is large enough to let 5 - 6 divers enter at one time. Advance buoyancy control is critical not to stir- up the bottom silt. With the help of dive -lights you can explore large mullets, shrimps, soft coral and some groupers hiding among the cracks. The underwater photographers will get excellent photographs of buddies as they are ascending through the amazing underwater archway by the exit.

(14) Kızıl Ada

Depth : 25m / 82 ft.
Class of dive :Experienced
Summary of dive site :Descending to 6-8 m / 20 - 24 ft you follow the natural slope of the seabed that will lead to 15 m/45 ft. Here, the underwater topography gives you the image of an amphitheatre. By 20 m / 60 ft. To enjoy the full colours of sponges, an underwater light is recommended to appreciate the colours and big groupers gliding among.

(15) Mermaid's Cave

Depth :7 m / 24 ft.
Class of dive :Intermediate - experience
Summary of dive site :The cave discovered by Mermaid instructors in 1993. Inside the cave is quite dark but there is always breathable air available inside the cave.

(16) Afkule I

Depth :24 m / 80 ft
Class of dive :Advanced
Summary of dive site :Another fascinating dive site! First you will go down to 24m very slowly to enjoy the beautiful view then find the entrance of the shrimp's hole!!! This quite big cavern is home to red type small shrimp. After spending about 10 min. time we will ascend to 12m. then 4m. And make 200m. To find the great gate of a cave which 10 divers may get into easily at the same time. The cave is so big that you need to kick your fins for about 50m. Then you will be able to find the end of the cave. Now all you need to do is turn back and see the sunlight running into the cave! And after enjoying the view you may surface and with your torch check all the calcium status made by mother nature…

(17) Afkule II

Depth :10-28m / 33-93 ft
Class of dive :Advanced
Summary of dive site :Again another great wall dive for drop off lovers! While you are making this dive you will understand why we say it's great to dive in the Mediterranean! All these colours, all these creatures are only all together in Fethiye! At 28m a small cavern full of shrimps just waiting for the quests! And then the wall continues so endlessly to final of the dive!

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