Daily Diving Tour
General Info  

Mermaid Diving Club organizes diving trips for experienced divers and beginners everyday. The daily programme starts at 09:45 in the morning with the departure of our boat from the harbour. Then en route you will receive a briefing about the daily programme , boat and security rules. The programme also includes lunch. At which time you can sunbathe, swim, and snorkel. You will be back at the harbour at 18:00. The daily programme offers different dive sites for experienced divers and for beginners.

Beginner Divers  

Anyone, at any age, who is in good health can learn to Scuba Dive. Contrary to the prejudice that it is difficult and requires a special capability, diving is a very easy sport. You just need to behave naturally underwater. You do not even have to know how to swim. Another question that comes to mind is about the safety of diving. Is it risky or not? The statistics prove that diving is as safe as swimming, certainly when you obey its rules.

Diving is the only sport that does not become harder because of gravity, if you do not have the chance to go into space!!!You may have the most thrilling experience of your life at the fascinating depths of a silent world.

In our daily diving trip programme, after a theoretical lesson given by our instructors, you will enjoy your first diving experience. You will never give up diving once you feel that you are breathing underwater as you feed the fish who are watching you with curiosity. Beginner Divers are always accompanied by a certified instructor who remains close by at all times. Try diving under the safety conscious eyes of our certified dive instructors. Our guides are patient and have the qualities you need to ensure that your first diving experience is both safe, relaxed and fun. When you feel this unimaginable world we are sure that you won't leave it again. At this point our certification courses enable you to taste it even better.

Experienced Divers  
The rich and vivid underwater flora and fauna of Fethiye is merely a paradise for the experienced divers. Miscellanous diving sites present various opportunities. The certified divers will enjoy the pleasure of the underwater world with Mermaid Diving Club by going to cave, reef, wall, tunnel, and archeological dives. The tulle corals, octopus, duky groupers, morays, and even baracuda herds creeping away in front of you will offer you a visual feast.


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