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The weekly trips by a traditional wooden, handmade turkish boat called "gulet" around the marvellous bays of the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea are known as the" Blue Voyage " The Blue Voyage offers the best possible escape on the sea: a means of forgetting the rigors of everyday life for a while and of just letting go of time and having the adventure of your life. Cruising the Mediterranean coast by gulet and discovering an undewater world is a unique experience and great vacation for the people who want to feel as though they are living in a paradise.

In this paradise imagine yourself on a yacht sailing along the Turquoise coast of the Mediterranean, lying on deck and sunbathing, swimming over ruins of sunken cities, diving into warm and crystal clear waters with rich flora and fauna, relaxing in the evenings while watching the sun set on the mediterranean and at night sleeping with a cool breeze under a million stars enjoying the taste of freedom anchored in a beautiful bay.

With 300 sunny days a year, 7000 years of history and culture and with it's traditional hospitality it is simply the best way to spend your holiday. Through these holiday you will have the chance to visit Lykian, Hellenic, Roman, and Ottoman Civilizations, swim in turquoise bays, have fun with watersports, enjoy the delicious meals of the Turkish kitchen, and, if you want discover the underwater world on the way that is the most colorful dive sites in Turkey.

The small group of people on board encourages an atmosphere of relaxed and casual friendship and closeness among passengers and crew. The captain and the crew are continuously at your disposal in an effort to provide you with all your needs. During the whole voyage you will taste the specialties and samples of our delicious Turkish cuisine, of which you surely will be an avid fan by the end of the voyage.

Gulet Info  



A gulet is a two-masted, ketch or schooner-rigged yacht with widely varying sail plans and characterized by a wide rounded stern. Turkish gulets were originally built for use by fisherman and sponge divers. Today they are luxuriously designed especially for chartered holidays. Their large, uncluttered decks are ideal for sunbathing and dining. These gracious and elegant motor sailors, built of wood in traditional style, range from 18 to 30 meters in length and can accommodate 8 to 20 persons in spacious a Twin-berthed or Double-berthed cabins. Quarters for the crew are completely separate with private facilities and entrance at the fore.

Precise origins of the use of the word gulet in present-day Turkish are unclear, although French references to 'goulettes' can be found in the 18th century. In Turkish, it does not appear to be widely used until the latter part of the 20th century with the advent of large-scale tourism. The term gulet, (variants include gulette, goulette, and guletta) also began to include other Turkish wooden boats of similar design, two of which are described below.

An ayna kic is similar to a gulet but has a squared off stern. The primary advantage over a gulet is because of increased cabin space with an aft master cabin or separate crew quarters.

A tirhandil is a large boat, both beaklike ends of which are similar, with two masts, lateen sails, spritsail and foresail, which can be rowed by oars in case of emergency. The vessel is beak-nosed with a scoop stern and ample interior capacity.

All type of gulets have full sun beds over the front deck to accommodate the sun god in us. They also are great for on deck get togethers.
On the stern deck there is normally a long table for everyone to gather around for meals, conversation and drinks. There is also a large salon down a couple of steps with another large table around the settee. Most have good sized galleys to accommodate your every need.


Day1 : Fethiye
After a short general briefing on board about the boat and the itinerary, and according to the arrival time of guests, overnight will be spent either at a nearby bay or in Fethiye harbour

Day2 : Tersane Island
After breakfast, sail to the first dive site and then go to the Aquarium Bay for lunch and rest. After a second dive at another dive site, sail to Tersane Island for dinner and overnight.

Day3 : Turunç Bay
After breakfast, sail to the third dive site and then go to Sarıyarlar for lunch and rest. After a fourth dive at another dive site, sail to Turunç Bay for dinner and overnight. A night dive takes place at Turunç Bay

Day4 : Gemiler Island
After breakfast, sail to the fifth dive site and then go to Azizağa Zeytinliği for lunch and rest. After a sixth dive at another dive site, sail to Gemiler Island for dinner and overnight.

Day5 : Manastır Bay
After breakfast, sail to the seventh dive site and then go to Dalyan River for lunch and rest. After an eight dive at the another dive site, sail to Manastır Bay for dinner and overnight.

Day6 : Bedri Rahmi Bay
After breakfast, sail to the ninth dive site and then go to Aquarium Bay for lunch and rest. After a tenth dive at the another dive site, sail to the Bedri Rahmi Bay for dinner and overnight.

Day7 : Göcek Island
After breakfast, sail to Göcek, where the boat pulls into the harbour for most of the day before heading out to Göcek Island for dinner and overnight

Day8 : Fethiye
Disembarktation after breakfast.

* Itinerary can change due to weather conditions and/or captain's decision.

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